The History



iXS is part of the internationally active Hostettler Group. Starting out as a simple bicycle and motorcycle workshop in Wolhusen, Luzerne, as a Swiss family-owned company in 1906, and has grown into a diverse company with 12 innovative subsidiaries and more than 500 employees.

The founding of Hostettler AG in 1957 laid the foundation for the current business type.

Acquisition of the general importer of YAMAHA motorcycles in 1968 was a decisive step in the corporate history that spans more than one century by now. Only four years later, Hostettler Autotechnik AG was founded. The company Intercycle, active in the bicycle area, followed in 1979, the motorcycle clothing brand iXS MOTORCYCLE FASHION in 1979, and Hostettler Motoren AG in 1987.

With Hostettler GmbH, founded in Germany in 1991, our group decisively opened up towards Europe. Cosmosport, founded in 1998, embodies flexibility and open-mindedness on new trends in the sports market. The launch of the brands iXS SPORTS DIVISION in 2001 and iXS TECHNICAL DIVISION in 2008 was another important basis for our successful future.

As you can see… Everything truly does revolve around wheels with us: Motorcycles, bicycles, cars and everything that goes with them. For more information, see